ABOUT  Reichelle 

Reichelle left the corporate world and took a leap of faith into a field that felt natural for a self proclaimed shopaholic.  To transition, she took her business degree and background with her to join Los Angeles' School of Style.  After completion, she went on to land opportunities to train and work with several celebrity stylists who dress some of today's biggest stars in music, television, and film.  She has taken those work experiences and expert advice to start to establish her own styling business.  The combination of skills has helped move her forward by leaps and bounds.  Her experience include editorial, music, film, commercial and advertising, celebrity lifestyle and red carpet.  Her editorial credits also include styling special issues for FGM Lifestyle Magazine.  As guest Fashion Editor she styled their Annual Swim Issue and special Fall Issue showcasing local designers.

She considers herself still far from her end goals and continues to grow by challenging herself with each new project and collaboration, and pulls inspiration from fellow stylists and other industry creatives.  "One of my favorite things about this line of work is the collaboration of talents.  I enjoy meeting and working with great people to help put together a look, a role, or a story for the world to see."




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